Sustaining Biodiversity: Years 10-12

Sustaining Biodiversity: Years 10-12


Human Impact StudiesSustaining Biodiversity is a whole day program focusing on human induced environmental changes that challenge the biodiversity within Toohey Forest. Throughout the day students will consider the cause and consequence of environmental change both in the past and present as well as consider a preferred and probable future for the forest.

At the centre students use aerial photographs, dating back to 1936 to identify land use changes and their impact on the biodiversity of Toohey Forest and the surrounding area.

Whilst in Toohey Forest students will undertake a quadrat study and create simple annotated digital photos Topics investigated include habitat loss, fragmentation, changing biodiversity, urban development, fire, litter, erosion and introduced plant and animal species. Examples of both positive and negative human impact on the forest are explored.

To conclude the program students work collaboratively in small groups to develop a future development plan for Toohey Forest. The plan designates areas best suited to development, recreation, research and education. Students consider the impact each activity will have upon the environment when justifying their decisions.

Sustaining Biodiversity has been assessed as medium risk. A Curriculum Activity Risk Assessment is available on request.

Curriculum Intent

Geography – Environmental change and management

  • The human-induced environmental changes that challenge sustainability (ACHGK070)
  • The application of systems thinking to understanding the causes and likely consequences of the environmental change being investigated (ACHGK073)

Geography – Resources and the Environment – Sustaining Biodiversity

  • Human impacts can be positive, negative and neutral (KI.6)
  • Maintenance of biodiversity can be assisted by sustainable management strategies (KI.9)


  • Human actions have significant impacts on interactions within an environment (KI.14)

Science 21 – Living Systems

  • Human activities threaten the sustainability of ecosystems (LS.3)
PDF versions of Program Guide & Program Itinerary


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