Classifying, Chains and Connections: Year 6-7

Classifying, Chains and Connections: Year 6-7


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C³ Classifying, Chains and Connections is a whole day program focusing on food chains, classification of animals and plants of Toohey Forest plus how the physical conditions of the area impacts upon them.

On a bushwalk through the forest, students will stop and compare two different sites in Toohey Forest. Whilst at these sites students will collect insect and other small creatures to classify back at the centre and examine under the high powered microscope.

In the classroom students will also construct food chains and learn about the feeding relationships that exist within a eucalypt forest. Introduced pest species are also addressed.

The program concludes with students getting up close with some of the live animals that call the Toohey Forest Environmental Education Centre home and discussing their feeding relationships. Animals may include a blue tongue lizard, turtles and python.

C³ Classifying, Chains and Connections has been assessed as medium risk. A Curriculum Activity Risk Assessment is available on request. A student field booklet will be provided upon confirmation of your booking.

Curriculum Intent

Road to Toohey Forest


  • Classification helps organise this diverse group of organisms (ACSSU111)
  • Interactions between organisms, including the effects of human activities can be represented by food chains and food webs (ACSSU112)
  • The growth and survival of living things are affected by the physical conditions of their environment (ACSSU094)


  • The biosphere is a dynamic system providing conditions that sustain life on Earth (OI.1)
  • All life forms, including human life, are connected through ecosystems on which they depend for their wellbeing (OI.2)

PDF versions of Program Guide & Program Itinerary


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