About us

Student activity by the creekAbout us

The Toohey Forest Environmental Education Centre provides a range of day visit programs to students ranging from Prep to Year 12.  Program themes include:

  • Australian  flora and fauna / Biodiversity / Ecology
  • Catchment Health / Water Quality Monitoring
  • Sustainability / Energy / Waste
  • Human Impact Studies

Programs aim to engage and challenge students through incorporating the following attributes:

  • Hands-on, learning experiences utilising relevant and familiar contexts
  • Collaborative learning through small group work
  • Questioning techniques designed to check understanding and extend thinking
  • The use of technology (ICT’s) to enhance the learning experience

In addition to on-site programs, Toohey Forest Environmental Education Centre is able to deliver select programs at a variety of locations in the Metropolitan region. For a full list and description of programs on offer, visit the programs page.


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